Thursday, March 26, 2015


(I know we are not quite there yet, but some of you are looking for a new topic) For a boring, bookish man who spent most of his life in a library, his ideas certainly shook the very foundations of Western Civ. Here is your chance to continue our analysis of Marxism: the theory? why it made so much sense to so many? how it was used? abused? Did he get anything right? What were his critical errors?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Student as Scribe

In this post an assigned student will provide a summary of the days lesson. Was there an assignment or reminders? This should include a summary, how the lesson relates to the "essential question" or "big idea", helpful maps, links, videos, etc. that would be useful to understand or review the day's lesson. This is worth up to 15 points and will be graded on content, creativity, effort and timeliness. Your initial post is due one day after your assigned class, but feel free to add to it as your understanding of the topic expands. At the top of your post you must put the date you are scribing about and your scribe number!

3 reasons for this assignment: 
1. Allows one student to dig deeper into a given topic and do some research, critical thinking and even teaching. 
2. Help anyone who missed that day for whatever reason. 
3. If we do this right this should be a great tool to use when preparing for tests.