Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blog Assignment

Each student will participate in this blog. You will post two different types of responses:  1. general discussion responses (based on opinion, previous knowledge or things you have learned in class) and  2. researched post (three paragraphs or more, based on original research and cited). Please refer or link us to interesting web sites, videos, etc. as well as offering us the information you have found.

To get credit for a post you must have a thought. A sentence or two just agreeing or disagreeing with a previous post will not be worth full credit.
Remember digital citizenship!
I challenge you to use this to explore interesting topics, but remember everyone in class is going to see this, so don’t “spill your guts” unless you are sure you want everyone to hear it.
If you use an outside source for information (and you need to!) you need to make a citation.

Rubric for each of the 4 grading periods:
Discussion (12 pts. possible)
4 - one solid paragraph with a new thought, idea or response to another post.
3 - not complete enough to be a "4"

Researched (13 pts. possible)
13 - 3 or more good paragraphs with new points, references to source(s) OUTSIDE of class and text and very well written.
10 - Lacking quality or depth to be a 13, but solid response.
4 - Lacking quality, depth, length, or research base to qualify for an 10 or 13.

* This cannot be a "discussion" if everyone waits until the last day so you MUST post periodically (weekly or more often) or you will lose points. Also some posts will have more specific due dates. Please pay attention.

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